For Educators – Why nConnect

Even though starting a career may be years away for many of our students, it’s never too early to start exposing them to the possibilities.

Today’s students need exposure to a variety of career pathway options to be able to develop and formulate a concrete high school and beyond plan. nConnect supports schools and teachers in providing Career Related Learning Experiences to students and classrooms – exposing young people to things like guest speakers, panel discussions, career fairs, industry tours, and career integration into PBL units. These activities allow students to achieve a deeper understanding of career opportunities in our community. With this career knowledge base, students are able to align specific courses to their desired career trajectories and later determine their best fit within postsecondary options.


Benefits of Career or Work Based Learning

A survey conducted by the Manufacturing Institute found that students value what they can see with their own eyes and feel with their own hands. In fact, 65% of students surveyed indicated that personal experiences were the leading influencer over the career path they chose. Quality Career or Work Based Learning experiences can provide students opportunities to:

  • Explore different career paths
  • Connect with adult professionals and mentors
  • Increase awareness of the application of classroom learning to the work environment, and help build work experience and a work history


Improved Post- Secondary Outcomes for Students who participate in Career or Work Based Learning

In addition to a concrete High School and Beyond Plan, exposing students to Career or Work Based Learning experiences have many additional benefits such as:

  • Motivation/appreciation for staying in school
  • Awareness of postsecondary education opportunities
  • Improved post-secondary graduation rates
  • Improved employment opportunities

What students are saying.

“[I learned] more advanced classes are challenging but worth it at the end. I will work hard towards my career goal by taking more advanced classes and putting in hard work.” – High School Student

“You get to learn about jobs that you didn’t even know existed.” – Middle School Student

“I learned that math and science are everywhere and I love math and science.” – Middle School student

“I liked how the volunteers didn’t back down because of a meeting or other important thing. I liked how they shared their points of view. They were amazing please let them come back some time again.” – Middle School student

Teacher feedback.

“[The speakers] were informative & engaging. It’s great to show students the opportunities that are available.”

“Great opportunity, and thanks for investing the time for our students!”

“Students never get to see what a real job looks like outside of hearing about members of their families’ jobs. My students were very happy to have this opportunity.”

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