Who We Are.


Partner businesses inspire and support over 10,000 students each year. Through tailored engagement, we are able to help business connect with school communities to engage with their future workforce. By sharing the necessary preparation for a particular job, advice on how to pursue a career in their industry, or mentoring in a particular role, businesses are able to empower their onboarding process.

School Communities

At nConnect we support 10 different School Communities within the education community of Clark County. We help build connections, share expertise and establish a unified experience for career connected learning. Each School Community aligns its career connected activities with the functions of our volunteers. The School Community is managed by a single point of contact that organizes activities, special events, and projects.


Sponsoring nConnect initiatives is an effective way to gain visibility and offer consistent and targeted opportunities for engagement with community leaders, peers and the future workforce.

Businesses interested in engagement with our partners have several opportunities to do so. Sponsorship can include a single event, a series of events, a program, or a school community.

nConnect relies on the generous support of our sponsors to support regional career connected activities. Staff can put together an annual sponsorship packet that incorporates one or more programs to fit your specific goals and desired reach.

For information on any of the sponsorship activities please contact us.

History of nConnect

nConnect was founded in 2005 by Scott Keeney, CEO of nLIGHT, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor lasers read “Rising above the Gathering Storm”. This report was distressing as it highlighted the relatively poor science and math scores for the average US high school students when compared to their global peers. However, this report also offered hope.  While the average US students not as successful, students who passed Advanced Placement® (AP) tests were at the top of the list in both math and science.

Based on this data, nConnect was founded in 2005 with the simple and pragmatic idea to provide mentors to encourage and support students taking rigorous STEM courses. nConnect began as a small pilot program in 2005 with 22 physics students and 7 physics mentors from nLight.

nConnect has expanded dramatically with the support of local schools, community organizations and other high tech companies in Southwest Washington. nConnect’s vision is guided by three core beliefs:

  1. More rigorous courses are requisite in high school if US students are to be competitive in the global economy.
  2. All students should have the opportunity to succeed in rigorous courses — not just the privileged.
  3. Mentors can play a significant role in education to both help many more students succeed in challenging courses and also support teachers.

Meet the nConnect Team

We make a commitment to students, educators and businesses.

Laura Randall



The inspiration of mentors, teachers, and coaches supported Laura in her path toward engineering. Within her role at nConnect she hopes to encourage a connected community that will support and inspire students so they may also find their passion and realize their potential.

Prior to nConnect, Laura was a Senior Design Engineer at Qualcomm and Agilent Technologies in Colorado. She designed integrated circuits for mobile device and computing applications. Laura holds three patents and is a high honors graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, with a BS in Electrical Engineering. 

Scott Culbertson

Business Engagement Liaison


​​Scott brings a great balance of knowledge to nConnect. He has 25 years of industry experience working for Hewlett Packard in their Inkjet and Laser Jet printing businesses. Scott’s roles included managing both Development and Technical teams across a broad and geographically diverse workforce. His experience also includes teaching at both the collegiate and high school levels. Scott taught Operations Management to MBA and undergraduate students at Washington State and Portland State Universities.